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Centrifugal Finishing Machine

    Centrifugal Rotary Finishing Machine

    • No.::DY-G
    • Brand ::Dong Yuan Finishing
    • Application::stainless steel,aluminum,plastic,sliver,gold,wood parts
    • Function::deburring,polishing,finishing
    • Warranty::1 year
    • OEM/ODM::Welcome
    • MOQ::1 set
    1. Details

    DY-G Metal mirror polishing machine

    Rotary dry drum mirror polishing machine (Hanging machine) is suitable for all kinds of large-sized special-shaped metal workpieces, such as white copper, titanium alloy, stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and other small and irregular workpieces that are difficult to handle by hand; all kinds of watch glasses, sanitary products and jewelry accessories, Hardware and other industries.

    Advantages of (Rotary Dry Roller Mirror Polishing Machine): 1: The manual polishing defect rate is basically 10%, and the dry mirror polishing machine can reach 100% yield. 2: Reduce the cost, the high-end products are very complicated by hand, and the dry mirror polishing machine can achieve the manual polishing effect in two passes, up to 12K brightness. 3: Dry-type mirror polishing machine do not need to consider environmental issues, no pollution, zero emissions. 4: The device uses dry polishing, no need to clean. 5: Reduce manual workload


    1.Adopt planetary transmission way and the principle of centrifugal movement, high process efficiency, 5~20 times work efficiency increased than before.

    2.Drive with the synchronous belt, stable working, low noise and long service life.

    3.The inner barrel adopts imported PU adhesive, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance.

    4.Adopt electric brake system when machine stops, safe for operation, avoid artificial operation error.

    5.Frequency converter can control the speed at any time, reduce defective products

    6.Rotate forwardly and reversely, inching control, easy for operation, increase work efficiency greatly.