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Vibratory Finishing Machine

    Cleaning grinding drying Auto Line

    • No.::DY-T
    • Brand ::Dong Yuan Finishing
    • Application::stainless steel,aluminum,plastic,sliver,gold parts
    • Function::deburring,polishing,finishing
    • Warranty::1 year
    • OEM/ODM::Welcome
    • MOQ::1 set
    1. Details

    VB-T vibratory finishing machine 


    The machine integrates grinding, cleaning and drying into one, PLC computer displays touch screen, high degree of automation, saving labor cost,Since the workpieces complete all the processes in the same machine at one time, the probability of product bruising can be greatly reduced.This machine has a multi-angle large window for easy inspection of workpieces,andit equipped with a wastewater treatment device. The wastewater can be recycled after being filtered, saving resources.It also equipped with an automatic alarm device to detect faults in time.

    Suitable for grinding,cutting,black-film removing and polishing various hand/electric tools (Hex wrenches,nozzles,sockets).


    . Frequency converter,the operator can adjust rotating speed freely.

    . Over 160% grinding efficiency increasing than old machines, avoid heavy-beating spot and deforming in processing.

    . Completely eliminate beating force between the central circle and workpieces, enlarge the openning part and increase the grinding volume.

    . Increase 140% volume than old machine and enlarge the openning part,it can grind large and long workpieces.