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DISC Finishing Machine

    DISC Finishing Machine

    • No.::DY-W
    • Brand ::Dong Yuan Finishing
    • Application::stainless steel,aluminum,plastic,sliver,gold parts
    • Function::deburring,polishing,finishing
    • Warranty::1 year
    • OEM/ODM::Welcome
    • MOQ::1 set
    1. Details

    ModelVolumeMachine sizePowerRotary SpeedBarrel DiameterNet WeightPu Thickness

    Working princeple:

    Turn over and unload automatically, the workpiece and media can be separated automatically, inverter control the speed and with a high automation. 



    Externally electrostaic sprayed the machine surface to extend the features including anti-ageing, anti-acid, anti-corrosive;

    Rotary plate and barrel are made of Aluminium alloy, light weight and abrasion resistant;

    Lined polygon PU grinding tank made strong turbine friction motion to increase efficiency (also can adopt the grinding tank with saw-shaped inside wall to prevent extra thin workpieces from sticking to barrel wall).