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DISC Finishing Machine

  1. DISC Finishing Machine
  2. DISC Finishing Machine

DISC Finishing Machine

  • No.::DY-W
  • Brand ::Dong Yuan Finishing
  • Application::stainless steel,aluminum,plastic,sliver,gold parts
  • Function::deburring,polishing,finishing
  • Warranty::1 year
  • OEM/ODM::Welcome
  • MOQ::1 set
  1. Details

DY-W Disc finishing machine series :

The motor adopts Taiwan original motor , very small gap 0.035MM.Dry and wet .In the operation process ,the machine shows excellent quality at any time,No need to worry about the after-sale, and the price is Cost-effective. Welcome to inquiry.

The equipment is used for wet-grinding and dry- grinding, it includes grinding disc, rotating disc,abrasive-resistance ring, driving system and electric- control system. When the rotating disc rotates,the abrasive material and workpieces in the grinding disc will move upward along the barrel shell for the reason of centrifugal force action. Then fall back the center of the rotating disc from the high position by their weight of workpieces and abrasive material. Repeat the above movement to make the grinding media spiraling movement, and realize high efficiency grinding effect. It is suitable for workpiece surface processing of various gold and silver jewelry, electronic parts, clocks and watches,glasses parts etc.on deburring, chamfering, mirror -finish polishing, high gloss precious polishing.


1.Unique compact gap adjustment structure design, suitable for wet grinding and dry grinding;

2.Using thick PU lining/wheel wear and long service life;

3.Using high wear -resistant ceramic/tungsten alloy/manganese steel washer structure,wear-resistant; .

4.Operating speed can be adjusted continuously, with regular work and reverse rotation;

5.Configure automatic circulating water system.