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Magnetic Polishing Machine

    Magnetic Polishing Machine

    • No.::DY-C
    • Brand ::Dong Yuan Finishing
    • Weight::100-200kg
    • Application::stainless steel,aluminum,plastic,sliver,gold parts
    • Function::deburring,polishing,finishing
    • Warranty::1 year
    • OEM/ODM::Welcome
    • MOQ::1 set
    1. Details


    Working princeple & application

    1.The Magnetic Finishing machine works by spinning .5mm diameter proprietary grade 304 Stainless Stainless media in a centrifugal vortex producing a delicate rubbing action that can remove light burrs, improves surface finish and provide edge breaks of .002" - .003".

    2.The system works best on materials that are non-ferrous and do not posses any magnetic properties. It can polish Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Titanium, Non-Magnetic grades of stainless steel, and plastics. The most ideal applications would be RF Connectors, Stainless & Titanium Medical parts, Brass valve bodies etc.

    3.At the same time of deburry,it also can polish,The efficiency has doubled improved,it saves a lot of time and cost .

    4.Magnetic finishing machine is suitable for grinding various irregular shape workpieces. inside hole. inside tube, dead corner and cracks etc. Main suitable products include CNC auto lathe parts, precious springs,spring piece parts Zinc, Aluminum die-casted parts, aerospace. medical parts, precious die-casted parts,mobile phone, notebook computer, camera parts, communication parts, fashion fittings. arts and crafts parts, precious screw and screw bolt, hardware parts, mould parts, glasses parts,instruments parts etc.


    1.Fast process speed,safe operation, low cost.

    2.Keep the processed workpieces un- disformed, undamaged, unaffected on workpiece accuracy.

    3.Easy operation, high automation degree. can realize mass and assembly line operation

    4.Water tank is used for diluting the grinding additives, water quantity can be controlled by the sensor switch.

    5.Low noise and high work efficiency.