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Centrifugal Finishing Machine

    Centrifugal Finishing Machine

    • No.::DY-T
    • Brand ::Dongyuan
    • Application::plastic,metal, steel
    • Function::polishing,finishing,grinding,deburring
    • Warranty::1year
    • OEM/ODM::available
    • MOQ::1set
    1. Details

    DY-T rotary polishing machine:

    The machine adopts tho horizontal rotary barrel, the function is diferent if it has the lining in the barrel or not. When the inner barrel coated the PU adhesive Iining, it features acid and alkali resistance, abrasive resistance and avoiding workpiece beating. For the barrel without lining. It is suitable for processing steel balls or steel products, can get big efficiency because it can strengthen the cutting force.The barrel body can rotate freely, with appropriate slope, easy for material discharging.


    The machine is easy and economic, affordable.
    The machine is suitable for grinding forged workpieces, casted workpieces, sand-casted workpieces,with powerful cutting force.
    Suitable for grinding the workpiece on oxide film removing, fine grinding, chamfering, polishing.
    We customize the machine as customer required.