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Physical properties of single crystal diamond

  Diamond is a crystal of a single carbon atom,and its crystal structure belongs to the equiaxed face-centered cubic system(a system with the highest atom density).Since the bond between carbon atoms in diamond is sp3 hybrid covalent bond,it has strong binding force,stability and directionality.It is the hardest substance known in nature at present,and its microhardness can reach 10000HV.Other physical properties are as follows.

  Explain the physical properties of diamond

  Physical properties-numerical values

  Hardness-60,000 to 100,000 MPa,depending on crystal direction and temperature

  Bending strength-210~490MPa

  Compressive strength-1500~2500MPa

  Elastic modulus-(9~10.5)×10 12 power MPa

  Thermal conductivity-8.4~16.7J/cm?s?°C

  Mass heat capacity-0.156J/(g?°C)(normal temperature)

  Start oxidation temperature-900~1000K

  Start graphitization temperature-1800K(in inert gas)

  Friction coefficient between aluminum alloy and brass-0.05 to 0.07(at normal temperature)