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Single crystal diamond substrate support

  The utility model relates to the technical field of diamond production,in particular to a substrate holder for bidirectionally growing single crystal diamond by plasma chemical vapor deposition.The invention comprises a water-cooled substrate stage,wherein the water-cooled substrate stage is provided with a substrate holder,the substrate holder is composed of a horizontal bottom portion and a central convex portion,and the horizontal bottom of the substrate holder is a disc,the central protrusion The portion is provided with a square through hole,and the number of the square through holes is≥1 and is arbitrary geometric shape.The substrate support of the utility model is an integral composition,and the horizontal disk is in direct contact with the water-cooled substrate table,which has better heat dissipation effect,and the vertical substrate support is in the plasma to fix the single crystal diamond seed.The seed is double-sidedly contacted with the plasma,so that the double-crystal growth of the single crystal diamond is twice as high as the effective rate per unit time,reducing the growth time and growth steps,and meeting the industrial production requirements.