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International Symposium on Single Crystal Diamond and Its Electronic Devices and the 4th China Vacuum High Level Forum 2014

  June 12-15,2014,jointly sponsored by Xi'an Jiaotong University,China Vacuum Society,Shaanxi Science and Technology Association and Shaanxi Vacuum Society,Xi'an Jiaotong University Wide Band-Gap Semiconductor Materials and Devices Research Center,Shaanxi Vacuum Society,Electronics The"International Symposium on Single Crystal Diamonds and Electronic Devices and the 4th China Vacuum High-Level Forum(SCDE&2014CVF)"jointly organized by the Key Laboratory of Physics and Devices of the Ministry of Education and the Key Laboratory of Information Photonics Technology of Shaanxi Province,was grandly held at the Xi'an Expressway Shenzhou Hotel.Held.More than 150 experts and scholars from different countries attended the international seminar.The international symposium was chaired by Academician Hou Wei of the School of Telecommunications of the University and Academician Xue Qunji of the Ningbo Institute of Materials,Chinese Academy of Sciences.The special expert of the National Thousand Talents Program of the School of Telecommunications of the University,Professor Wang Hongxing,Chairman of the Japan Diamond Association and Waseda Professor Kawahara Kawahara,Professor of the Institute of Materials and Materials of Japan(NIMS),Professor Xiao Fu,and Chairman of the Shaanxi Vacuum Society,Bu Ren'an Research Institute,jointly served as Executive Chairman of the conference.The conference aims to provide academic exchange platforms for experts,scholars,technicians and entrepreneurs in the fields of single crystal diamond materials,electronic devices,diamond single crystal growth equipment,etc.,and strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation between the domestic industry.Jointly promote the vigorous development of international single crystal diamond materials and their electronic device industry and related industries.Through the exchanges of experts and scholars in various related fields at home and abroad,we will learn about the latest developments in the research field of the world's new ultra-wide bandgap semiconductors,single crystal diamonds and their electronic devices,develop new experimental methods and theories,and condense key sciences.The problem is to summarize the basic laws,provide theoretical basis and practical methods,comprehensively promote interdisciplinary and inter-disciplinary substantive cooperation based on advanced carbon materials,and promote the construction of research platform for single crystal diamond semiconductor materials and electronic devices in our province.And through joint efforts to promote the advancement and development of international single crystal diamond and its electronic devices,and expand the application and transformation of such advanced electronic materials and devices.

  Ultra-wide bandgap semiconductors–monolithic diamonds in electrical,optical,mechanical,acoustic and thermal properties,in high-temperature,high-efficiency,ultra-high-power millimeter-wave electronics,power electronics,biosensors,photodetection and imaging,Particle detection and imaging,aerospace and other systems have extremely important application prospects,and are regarded as"the ultimate semiconductor"by the industry.Diamond electronic devices have the advantages of small size,high integration,and no need for refrigeration compared to other semiconductor devices.It will play its unique advantages in energy saving and emission reduction and building a green earth,which will lead to a revolution in the new generation of semiconductor technology.

  The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Professor Wang Hongxing.Vice President Song Xiaoping of Xi'an Jiaotong University,Vice Chairman of the Shaanxi Science and Technology Association,Fang Guanglu,and Deputy Secretary-General of the China Vacuum Society delivered speeches respectively.They hoped that the conference would be successfully held and promoted the international single crystal diamond.Industry,university and research cooperation and exchange in the field of electronic devices,and provide a good opportunity for the development of related industries in China.The internationally renowned expert in single crystal diamond and its electronic devices,the chairman of the Japan Diamond Association,and the professor of Waseda University,Mr.Kawahara Yoshihiro,spoke on behalf of the guests,focusing on the development history and important milestones of single crystal diamond and its electronic devices,and pointed out that diamonds and their future diamonds Electronic devices have broad application prospects in the fields of power semiconductor devices,semiconductor integration,micromachines,photodetection imaging,particle detection imaging,and biosensing.

  The conference was composed of 18 experts from the diamond and vacuum fields at home and abroad,and the conference representatives had a heated discussion.Prof.Kawahara Kawahara of Waseda University,Professor Yoshiyuki Natsu of NIMS of Japan,Professor Sakai of Japan,and Professor Zeng Yonghua of Taiwan's successful university respectively reported the latest research progress of their respective teams;Jiangnan Research Institute of Ningbo Institute of Materials,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Professor Li Chengming of Beijing University of Science and Technology Professor Yang Ping of Jinan University and Professor Liu Weiguo of Xi'an University of Technology reported the latest research progress of domestic single crystal diamond research.Researcher Lei Zhenlin from the Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Li Detian,a researcher at the China Academy of Space Technology,gave reports on vacuum equipment and space applications.Professor Wang Hongxing,Director of the Center for Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Materials and Devices,introduced the latest research progress in the rapid growth of single crystal diamond,epitaxial growth of electronic device-level single crystal diamond,diamond-based solar blind UV detection and diamond-based power electronic devices.,received high praise from the participants.