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Development Path


Through technological innovation, we will strive to build a diamond substrate equipment marketing network and promote the industrialization of diamond equipment. A series of products of key equipment such as new microwave plasma chemical vapor phase epitaxy (MPCVD) will be gradually formed. . Innovation leads development, and technological achievements are harvested. Concentrate on our strength and harvest tomorrow's brilliant system certification:


In the field of diamond equipment industrialization, the company has set an example of first-mover and trial-first; to develop technology with small and big, with a point-to-face development idea. In the first year, the company completed the design drawings and assembly drawings of equipment models, the exploration of the purchase channels of key components, the preparation of simple machining equipment, and the fixtures. The second year is to configure production conditions and improve management practices. The trial production of the mechanical part of the equipment, the development of the control part, the testing of the microwave test bench, the promotion of products and the ordering meeting, the marketing of the equipment, and the mass production of the mass production platform in the third year. The planned sales exceeded 30 million. The new third board started the financing platform, the technical team expanded, and the production scale expanded.