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Company Profile

  Guangdong diamond Semiconductor Technology Co., the eighth batch of“Technology Enterprise of Dongguan City Introducing Innovation and Entrepreneur Leading Talents”.

  Guangdong Damonte Semiconductor Technology Co., mainly engaged in MPCVD integrated microwave plasma CVD equipment,and developed and produced the fourth generation of wide bandgap semiconductor-diamond substrate,diamond-based power device and third-generation GaN-fourth generation diamond base.Composite power devices,etc.Two series of products and six products;the product involves single crystal diamond series.

  The industrialization of microwave plasma equipment just fills the gap in domestic MPCVD.It can be industrialized by 1 inch,and a 2-inch single crystal diamond substrate has been developed.The team has developed electronic devices by homogenously epitaxially depositing high quality single crystal diamond films on substrates.It also established a product follow-up project with Xi'an Jiaotong University to develop and produce a 1-inch single crystal diamond substrate.At the same time,other single crystal substrates were used to heteroepitaxially project a 1-inch single crystal diamond substrate.

  Core technology advantages:international leading,domestically developed low-cost,high-efficiency microwave plasma CVD equipment development and production technology;inch-level large-area,high-quality single crystal diamond substrate mass production"cloning technology";5G for 5G communication Communication diamond-based GaN composite device technology;epitaxial growth and doping technology of electronic device-level single crystal diamond film.

  Innovative track advantages:Compared to HTHP,the preparation of controlled MPCVD opens the second technological revolution in single crystal diamonds,opening up broader market applications:ultra-wideband semiconductors,high-end industrial applications,synthetic diamonds,and even Quantum physics,etc.,the industrialization process is being laid out.

  Strategic planning:Grasping the development opportunities of 5G communication industry,realizing the industrialization of 5G communication diamond-based GaN composite devices,single crystal diamond semiconductor substrates and epitaxial wafers;further accelerating diamond-based transistors,diodes,power electronic devices,microwave devices and sensors,etc.R&D to form a product cluster of single crystal diamond semiconductor devices.

  The company's business scope:research and development,production,sales and technical consultation of high-power semiconductor materials,semiconductor devices,high-frequency nano materials,nano-device testing equipment;software research and development,sales and technical services;nano-materials research and development and technology transfer;instrumentation research and development Production and sales;import and export of goods,technology import and export.